Major Alastair Mack HLI 1952-1958

Major Alastair Mack HLI 1952-1958

Hi Folks,

I am sorry to have to report that I was informed today by Willie Shaw that he had received a call from Alastair Mack’s daughter to say that he had passed away on Sunday 6th March.  Alastair was Chairman, and a long standing supporter of the HLI Association. I hope that we can arrange a suitable commemoration but we will have to await details from Alastair’s family.  Most of you will know that Alastair moved recently to Wiltshire and it may be that the funeral will take place there.  I will keep you informed as I receive further information.

In the meantime let us remember an old comrade in typical HLI fashion, with fondness, respect, and a dram in his memory!

Yours aye,

Jim Devine

Secretary HLI Association

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