Glasgow Remembrance Services 2017

Glasgow Remembrance Services 2017

The following Services of Remembrance in Glasgow will be attended by members of the HLI Association with the HLI Association Standard carried.  All are welcome.

(Remembrance Service George Square 2016)

Bridgeton Cross Armistice Service Friday 10th November 2017

Meet up at 10am in the cafe of the Olympia Library (the old Olympia Cinema building) on Bridgeton Cross.  We will form up outside there at c.10:15am to march on to Bridgeton Cross at the memorial paving stones. Service commences at 10:30am.


Glasgow Remembrance Service George Square Sunday 12th November 2017

Assembly & March On. All Service Detachments, Ex Service Detachments, Cadets and Parade Band will form up on George Street no later than 1010hrs.  HLI Association members will form up with the GH Association behind the RHF Association and in front of the Parachute Regiment Association.

Timings. Outline timings are:

1000hrs –          Form up.

1020hrs –          Service Detachments, andEx Service Detachments March On.

1030hrs –          Guard of Honour March On.

1040hrs –          All detachments to be in position in George Square.

1057hrs –          Binyon’s Lines.

1100hrs –          Silence.

1120hrs –          March Past.

I hope to see you at some or all of the above as you can manage.

Best wishes,


Jim Devine
Highland Light Infantry Association
185 Byres Road
Glasgow G12 8TS


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