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Written by Le Brenn Quaintenne   
Friday, 07 October 2011 10:48

HI all, Do you know were can I find or ask for a list of soldiers enlisted on the 71st that went to Buenos aires in 1806?

My great grand father was taked prisioner after the battle of buenos aires, and imprisioned to a small town 1000 kms from buenos aires (rio cuarto, cordoba, argentina), then he changed his original name for the name Juan ESLEY, married Manuela Tissera and had 6 childs.

I am looking for the list of soldiers that arrive to buenos aires on 1806 with the HLI , after Cape of good hope battle. My objetive is to recognize a soldier withou a name of John.......(an original surname something related to ESLEY) in aim to recontruct our past history before 1806.

Thank you in advance!!


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