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HLI Community - Family History Research
Written by OwenMasters   
Tuesday, 04 October 2016 09:44

Dear All,

On behalf of his Son, I am hoping to trace the Army Career of my Father -in-Law Ernest William Brown.  Ern died in 1975, but often spoke of his time in the Army.  He was born and lived in Consett County Durham, and said that as a teenager he joined the HLI in Durham in the late 1920s.  He often said, he thought he was joining the Durham Light Infantry!!!   He served in India, and left the army in 1935/36 when he married.

The only personal possessions of his time in the Army are the photo's shown below.   One of Ern in uniform, and the other of his Regiment perhaps in India.

Is there someone who can confirm that the uniform is that of the HLI.   It would also be helpful to know if the marching column is thought to be that of the HLI.

Any information would be helpful, including any link where we could find his Army Records.

Thanking you

in anticipation.

Owen Masters



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