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Posted on behalf of Maria Perera: William Gilmour from the Maryhill area PDF Print E-mail
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Written by JimDevine   
Saturday, 26 January 2013 17:54

The attached are pictures of my other great uncle William Gilmour from the Maryhill area.  Members at WW2 Talk and the Army Museum suspect the uniform is HLI.  Could you possibly post on my behalf to see if anybody can confirm it's HLI please?  Unfortunately I do not have to original photographs.

I'm still waiting on Alexander's service record but I suspect he may not have seen overseas service due to his age by 1939.  Regardless, I still got a copy of Mountain & Flood and am thoroughly enjoying the read.

Hope all is well with you and am really looking forward to stopping by the museum when I can get a chance to pop down to Glasgow one of these days.

Kind regards

Please reply to Maria if you can shed any light.







0 #4 stuart carmichael 2014-10-31 16:49
Hello Elizabeth Carmichael - you replied last year - so sorry I have just picked up this info - your father Peter - a twin of Joseph from Maryhill is actually my father Kenneths brother - so you are my cousin !
I have lots of family info if you would like to share ? (I have traced family back to circa. 1720 !) Please reply or get in touch if you would like to 'chat' further. Thanks
Stuart Carmichael
0 #3 Maria Perera 2014-06-10 15:01
Hi Liz - thanks for your response and sorry for the late reply. Had a look at Scotlandspeople .org but it isn't the right Ellen. I wish it were, as my G. Aunt Ellen Gilmour goes missing after the 1901 Census. Duncan's birth details can be viewed from 1892 at the Scotlandspeople website for a few credits. Interestingly there is a Duncan McNiven Carmichael born in the Calton area in 1927 also. Would he be a brother of Peter & Josephs? You should also try applying for the military record at but if it's WW1 records some were burnt in a fire and what remains can be searched at the Ancestry website if it still exists. If you get records post the info at either the Great War Forum or WW2Talk and you will get lots of help. Thanks again and I'll continue to try to find my Ellen and wish you the very best on finding out more about your Duncan. Cheers - Maria P.S. Turns out Bill above was in the Black Watch in India 1921-1928
+1 #2 elizabeth carmichael 2013-03-19 11:12
Hi Maria, my grandmother, married to DUncan above was named Ellen GILMOUR from Maryhill, is there any connection? she was born around 1897. thanks Liz
+1 #1 elizabeth carmichael 2013-03-19 11:04
HI, i am new to board, but my grandfather Duncan McNiven Carmichael, married 25th Jan 1919 and had twin sons (one of them my dad Peter, and JOseph) in Maryhill Barracks 19th August 1933. I am trying to find out my granddads DOB or his parents info. I am keen to know more about his involvement with the HLI, from what i have researched he was a Lance Corporal 1st Battallion HLI. many thanks in advance Liz

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