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VE Day Commemoration Service and Parade 7th May 2011 PDF Print E-mail
News - News Archive
Written by JimDevine   
Thursday, 07 April 2011 00:37

There was a VE Day Commemoration Service and Parade on Saturday 7th May 2011 at Knightswood Cross Glasgow.  The service held at 11am was followed by a wreath-laying ceremony and march past at the Knightswood Veterans Memorial, then a long march on to the Lincoln Inn for buffet, refreshments and chat with old pals.  The Association Standard was present and most members managed the mile long march to the pub, while more senior members were transported there to get in the first round!

Some of our Association members at the end of their march (some of them I couldn't get out of the bar!)



Remembrance Service Central Station 11/11/10 PDF Print E-mail
News - News Archive
Written by JimDevine   
Saturday, 27 November 2010 22:36
A delegation of HLI and Para Association Members, accompanied by the Associations Standards,
attended a Service of Remembrance in Glasgow Central Station on Thursday the 11th of November 2010.

The Service was very poignant, with a silence being well observed by the busy Central Station commuters.

"When you go home,
tell them of us and say,
for your tomorrow,
we gave our today"

Remembrance Parade George Square Sunday 14th November 2010 PDF Print E-mail
News - News Archive
Written by JimDevine   
Saturday, 06 November 2010 18:07

The HLI Association attended the Armisitice Parade and Service of Remembrance in George Square, Glasgow on Sunday the 14th of November, 2010.  Association Members proudly marched behind their new HLI Association Standard along with the Saltire (furnished by our comrades from the Parachute Regimental Association). The Glasgow crowds cheered us on as we marched past the Cenotaph, kilts swaying, shoulders back, medals glinting in the winter sunshine!

The (not so) old and the bold!


The Legion of the Living salutes the Legion of the Dead. -

We will not break faith with you.

Assaye Reunion 2010 PDF Print E-mail
News - News Archive
Written by JimDevine   
Sunday, 03 October 2010 19:29

The annual Assaye Reunion was held at Home Headquarters the RHF Museum on Saturday the 2nd of October. Unfortunately Alastair, our Chairman was ill abed with influenza so his rendition of the Battle of Assaye was replaced with a photo montage presentation of events and activities which HLI Association members have attended over the year so far, including: the RHF 50th Anniversary Service at Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow and Clydebank Armed Forces Days, the Homecoming Parades of 2 Scots (The RHF) and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. and of course, our Standard Dedication Service in the Memorial Chapel of the University of Glasgow, and the VJ Day Parade that followed at Knightswood Cross, to name but a few.  We also had a viewing of an edited highlights version of the film of our Standard Dedication Service.


Members get together for chat and refreshments.


















The highlight of the day was the formal launch of our spanking new web site, developed as a donation to the Association by our younger member David Taylor, ably assisted by one of our more senior members.  I had no idea you were so tech-savvie John!  David gave the assembled members a whistle-stop tour of the web site and they all agreed that it looked great and functioned superbly. Thanks again David!


John Deuchars and David Taylor launch the HLI  web site

John and David launch the HLI web site as Lord Trenchard looks down (we hope approvingly!)

The Secretary presented David with an HLI tie as a small token of the Association's appreciation.

The Secretary presents an HLI lapel pin to PO Andy Gourlay to mark his successful completion of his leadership course at Brecon.


A conspiratorial gathering if ever I saw one!


Members get familiar with the new Standard.




Frank brought along this fascinating artefact for us to see. The medal on the right was for 25 year's temperance - surely a rare item in the HLI!


The underside of the lid has a WW1 "death penny" fixed to it.

It was great to spend the day together and we all look forward to meeting up again for the Remembrance Service in November!


News from the HLI Association Chairman PDF Print E-mail
News - News Archive
Thursday, 26 August 2010 14:52

New Standard

The HLI Standard, towards the cost of which very many members have generously subscribed, bears a large HLI Bonnet Badge on an HLI dark green background and is fringed with gold tassels. It was first carried on Friday the 13th of August 2010 when it was marched in the the Glasgow University Chapel. There the standard was blessed in a service conducted by the University Chaplain, The Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie.

The Standard-Bearer was the Secretary. Accompanying the standard was the Saltire, carried by the Treasurer. One of the readings was given by Lt Col Stephanie Jackman TD, the CO of the Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities Officers Training Corps. The Colonel's presence was very fitting. The OTC she commands is the only Army unit that wears the Mackenzie - HLI kilt - and was originally raised by an HLI officer - whose name I have forgotten.

Better still, the Colonel had thrown open to us the Officers' Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess of the Glasgow and Strathclyde University Officers Training Corps. There we descended after the service. We were not only very well fed (from a buffet laid on by Mrs Selena Simpson, the Adjutant's Lady) but weren't away (some of us) till nearly 2300 hrs. (The PMC, WO2 W King, stayed till the very end.)


VJ Day Parade

The very next day, Saturday the 14th of August 2010, the Standard was paraded at the VJ Day Celebration at Knightswood Cross Veterans Memorial. After a service in the nearby church we formed up - alas en bloc with everyone else. Our Standard was also en bloc amid a host of others - and not in front of us alone. But when we marched past the various dignitaries (amongst whom was Colonel Jackman) we eyes-lefted in unison. The Parade RSM's voice was very clear.


When we continued marching (down Great Western Road to the nearest pub) we must have held up enough traffic to create a log-jam. Luckily, every Police Officer we saw was on OUR side!


2010 Assaye Reunion

Next is the 2010 Reunion. This will be at RHF Home Headquarters, 518 Sauchiehall Street on Saturday the 2nd of October. It will start at 1230 hrs and finish in the later afternoon. There will be the usual buffet lunch and another expose on the Battle of Assaye. Perhaps there will also be a quiz - with Members in teams.

Remembrance Sunday

The HLI Association will also parade on Remembrance Sunday, the 14th of November. We shall form up behind the City Chambers at 1015 hrs. If possible, members should wear medals and bonnets with badges. Glengarries, either of HLI pattern (dark green) or Glasgow Highlanders Pattern (dark blue with a red toorie) can be worn or Blue Bonnets, but we would prefer the TOS - with an HLI Mackenzie tartan patch. These can be ordered from:

Stirling Tailors, 7 Cunningham Road, Pringkerse Industrial Estate, Stirling, FK7 7SW, (Tel: 01786 445 349) The price of an Issue Pattern is 22.50 - but with VAT and postage nearly 30.00

If in TOS, Glasgow Highlanders should wear them with just their badge. The rest of us should wear them with a red and white hackle. Hackles aren't available, but HHQ (Tel: 0141 332 0961) has stocks of red and white plumes at 3.00 each. If flattened inside a book for a week or two and also trimmed, they look more like hackles. HLI and Glasgow Highlanders Bonnet Badges are also on sale, for about 5.00 each. (HHQ also stocks HLI Glengarries.)

However, ALL Members and Associate Members of the Highland Light Infantry Association and hereby entitled to wear the TOS with HLI Bonnet Badge and Hackle.

Just one afterthought: Pre-1947 members of 1 HLI (and perhaps of 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th HLI) could wear a dark-green hackle. This has been anticipated, HHQ also stocks dark-green plumes.

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