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Tag: 74th of Foot Ordering
Boxing Champion


I have been lent a family album, unfortunately with little information about the photographs.  There are several pictures of soldiers that are obviously from Scotland and I attach a photograph of a boxing champion who I think could be from the HLI given the 74 and elephant on his belt.  I suspect from around the 1920,s but no evidence, can anyone confirm that this boxer is from the HLI and possibly suggest an identity, names could be Kerr (Andrew?), Hewley or Stoneham but could be someone else.

It is also possible that this is in India or similar there are other photographs with soldiers wearing shorts and solar topis.

Photograph Size Edited by HLI Admin

Story Article by Fred Stoneham


Tags: 74th of Foot
Assaye Colour


This is from the collection of the Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum.

74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot


 The 74th was raised in 1787 by Archibald Campbell, their first colonel, and were known as Campbell's Highlanders.

They first saw action during in India during the Mysore campaign of 1789, fighting at Bangalore and Seringapatam. Later, under Wellesley they saw action in the Mahratta War of 1802, fighting at Assaye in 1803.

Returning to Europe they served again under Wellington in the Peninsular campaign, and later, during the colonial period, in the Kaffir War and in the Sepoy Rebellion.

In 1845 they became the 74th (Highland) Regiment.

In 1852 the regiment was involved in the Birkenhead disaster; under their commander, Lt.Col Seaton and with men of the 73rd regiment, followed what became known as the "Birkenhead" Drill, enabling women and children on board to be saved.

In 1881 as part of the Childers Reforms the 74th amalgamated with the 71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot to become the 2nd battalion, Highland Light Infantry.

Tags: 74th of Foot

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