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This is the community section of the website where our members can look for friends, tell a story about the HLI, contribute to further research on the Regiment and share family history research.


Please Note

The HLI association does not hold service records, and cannot answer enquiries regarding individual soldiers.  The  Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum may be able to help or offer advice.  The RHF Museum charge a fee for research but it is quite a modest one. (Currently £20)  Details of archival resources held and further information can be found here:


The views and comments found here are of the online membership and do not necessarily reflect those of the Highland Light Infantry Association.


It is organised into four categories:





1. Find a Friend - This section is intended for former serving members to help connect old friends and comrades. For family history research see below. ( go to section )





2. HLI Stories - This section is for personal memories or recollections from those who served with the Regiment or stories from friends and family of those who served. ( go to section )








3. HLI Research - This section is for formal research into the Regiment and is intended to be academic in tone rather than purely personal.          ( go to section )






4. Family History Research - This section is where members can share family history research. Please keep this section focused on the HLI and associataed Regiments. ( go to section )





5. The Last Post - This section is reserved for 'In Memoriam' notices on recently fallen comerades. ( go to section )










Submissions to the HLI Community section can be made through the HLI Community Menu on the left (registered users only).


Full guidelines and instruction for use can be found here.


Some of our most recent posts are shown below.

HLI in Palestine PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - HLI Research
Written by HLI Admin   
Monday, 04 April 2011 21:30

Dad in Palestine ? PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - HLI Research
Written by Lesley Wild   
Monday, 04 April 2011 21:26

Some photos of my Dad (joe) & I think it is Palestine.

The 1st Battalion, HLI in Palestine. PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - HLI Stories
Written by Steve Dobson   
Monday, 04 April 2011 11:07

In my first entry of stories from my Dad ( Charles Robert Dobson 1st Battalion, HLI, 1944-47) I mentioned a TV programme and how we thought that a we saw a brief glimpse of HLI soldiers in Jerusalem.  I've managed to take a photo of the TV screen that shows these soldiers.  I'm afraid that the quality isn't good, because firstly you can see the reflection of my camera and tripod and secondly the picture is grainy anyway.  The soldier that we think is my Dad is the one second from the right, leaning against the Bren Gun Carrier, my Dad was a marksman with the Bren Gun.

UPDATE:- I've just been informed that this episode of Infamous Assassinations - Yitzhak Rabin Isreal 1995, is being shown on the Yesterday channel at 11:30am on Tuesday 12th April 2011. see



Dad PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - HLI Stories
Written by Lesley Wild   
Sunday, 27 March 2011 08:25

Tags: Photograph
some of Dads papers & photos PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - HLI Research
Written by HLI Admin   
Saturday, 26 March 2011 18:14



Image Resized by HLI Admin

Original Post by Lesely Wild

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