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This is the community section of the website where our members can look for friends, tell a story about the HLI, contribute to further research on the Regiment and share family history research.


Please Note

The HLI association does not hold service records, and cannot answer enquiries regarding individual soldiers.  The  Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum may be able to help or offer advice.  The RHF Museum charge a fee for research but it is quite a modest one. (Currently £20)  Details of archival resources held and further information can be found here:


The views and comments found here are of the online membership and do not necessarily reflect those of the Highland Light Infantry Association.


It is organised into four categories:





1. Find a Friend - This section is intended for former serving members to help connect old friends and comrades. For family history research see below. ( go to section )





2. HLI Stories - This section is for personal memories or recollections from those who served with the Regiment or stories from friends and family of those who served. ( go to section )








3. HLI Research - This section is for formal research into the Regiment and is intended to be academic in tone rather than purely personal.          ( go to section )






4. Family History Research - This section is where members can share family history research. Please keep this section focused on the HLI and associataed Regiments. ( go to section )





5. The Last Post - This section is reserved for 'In Memoriam' notices on recently fallen comerades. ( go to section )










Submissions to the HLI Community section can be made through the HLI Community Menu on the left (registered users only).


Full guidelines and instruction for use can be found here.


Some of our most recent posts are shown below.

William Patrick Horne PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - Family History Research
Written by Peter Sime   
Friday, 10 June 2011 09:21

I'm trying to find out a bit more about my great grandad's military history.  His name is William Patrick Horne.  I believe he was born in Galway, Ireland.  I understand that he enlisted in the 71st Highland Regiment on 25th June 1859 aged 19 and was discharged on 24th August 1880. I believe he served in India and was awarded an Indian Frontier Medal and Clasp.  Other than that, I'm not sure what rank he held and in which campaigns he may have served. 

He became a Chelsea pensioner in 1916 and died in the Royal Hospital Chelsea in 1923.  If anybody could provide further information or suggest where I may look, I would be very grateful. 

Many thanks

Peter Sime

Joseph Shirreffs PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - Family History Research
Written by jason knox   
Sunday, 05 June 2011 22:29

Im tying to find any information or pictures of my Grandad RSM Joseph Shirreffs from Aberdeen. I know he was in the HLI and served in france and was at Dunkirk but as to that i have very little information on him . If anyone could help in anyway at all i would be very very Grateful.

Angus McWilliam 1st Battalion HLI 1944-47 PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - HLI Stories
Written by Steve Dobson   
Saturday, 28 May 2011 08:47

I've heard from my Dad's friend Angus McWilliam, who is still in touch with my old man and who is a whole week younger than my Dad, they're both 85 years old. Angus has very kindly sent me some photos and memories to share with you.


Angus and my Dad, Charlie Dobson, have remained friends since meeting on basic training in Northern Ireland in 1944. I'm told that there were three of them in their little gang with a Yorkshireman named Freddie Brannan making up the trio. Freddie Brannan took the photograph below, which shows Bob Hope, with his arm raised pointing at something. Bob Hope was with some American officers and was spotted by Freddie and other lads from the HLI, somewhere on the outskirts of Hamburg a few days before VE day.


Angus tells me that despite the HLI being a Scots regiment, at least half of their number were Englishmen back in those days and that there was always lots of banter regarding the various football teams they all supported. Angus was in Hamburg when the war ended and he remembers that part of the Army rations given to the troops was a sweet ration of seven sweets a day. Angus, my Dad and their mate Freddie used to give their sweets, usually caramels, to the local German children. Angus says that the look of delight on the kids’ faces was wonderful to see.

The soldiers were also given a carton of 50, Woodbine or Players Navy Cut cigarettes a week and Angus, being a non smoker, did well trading them with Germans who were desperate for British cigarettes. The photo below is of Charlie Dobson with a pipe clamped in his mouth with a Scots guy who's name neither Angus or my Dad can remember. My Dad gave up his pipe for a £5 bet when he turned 50, some 35 years ago.


Angus writes that his memories of the HLI's time in Palestine and Egypt are of extreme boredom and heat, being stuck in the desert for weeks at a time, with only the occasional jaunt into Jerusalem or Cairo to break the monotony.

Photo above shows Angus McWilliam on right with a unidentified HLI soldier.

Photo below is of Freddie Brannan on the right, with a soldier Angus names as Joe McDonald and was taken somewhere in Europe, Belgium or Holland or Germany, sometime in 1945.

Photo below shows a Corporal Murphy sat alongside Angus who appears to be doing a Winston Churchill impression and flashing the V for Victory sign!!

Angus says that he has more photos and information somewhere in his loft and will try to find it and pass it on.  Hope you've enjoyed his photos.


John Lawson Whyte PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - Family History Research
Written by Vivien Whyte   
Tuesday, 17 May 2011 11:06


I am looking for information on my grandfather John Lawson Whyte (I82397) who was an officer with the HLI during WW2. He served in North Africa, Italy and France. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Boxing Champion PDF Print E-mail
HLI Community - Family History Research
Written by HLI Admin   
Friday, 29 April 2011 14:58


HLI Boxing Champion for identification

I have been lent a family album, unfortunately with little information about the photographs.  There are several pictures of soldiers that are obviously from Scotland and I attach a photograph of a boxing champion who I think could be from the HLI given the 74 and elephant on his belt.  I suspect from around the 1920,s but no evidence, can anyone confirm that this boxer is from the HLI and possibly suggest an identity, names could be Kerr (Andrew?), Hewley or Stoneham but could be someone else.

It is also possible that this is in India or similar there are other photographs with soldiers wearing shorts and solar topis.

Photograph Size Edited by HLI Admin

Story Article by Fred Stoneham


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